Novavido presents itself at G-Factor demo day

Novavido presents itself at G-Factor demo day


Today, G-Factor demo day took place at Opificio Golinelli in Bologna. The event hosted an audience of 160 people coming from the economical and financial world together with representatives of the technological innovation sector.

7 startups were selected following the I-Tech Innovation 2021 call of CRIF and Fondazione Golinelli. The startups presented themselves after their acceleration path done under G-Factor, the incubator-accelerator of Golinelli. They illustrated their business idea and their propositions, related to the Life Sciences/Digital Health, Fintech/Insurtech and FoodTech/Agritech sectors.

Among the startups, Novavido presented its development idea and its technology.

Demo Day marks the end of the first part of the G-Force program that the 7 startups are following and that will lead to the Investor Day in the end of November. The G-Factor acceleration program is not based on academic formation but on startup coaching: the path is created on the basis on the concrete specific needings of each startup and is tailored around it to supply a relevant and material support to each project and team.

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